Brownfield / decontamination 

Selling or reconstruction of estates implies large legal and therefore economical risks concerning liabilities and amount of decontamination for sellers, buyers, owners and investors due to mostly existing harmful remains. At the same time, these issues exist for estate owners in the case of a decontamination order by the authorities.  

Our goal-oriented service :

  • Historical research of use / basic evaluation 
  • Contaminant examinations / hazard evaluation 
    • Orienting examination 
    • Detailed examination 
    • Decontamination examination 
    • Decontamination planning in-situ, off-site safeguarding 
  • Reporting 
  • Cost estimation s
  • Permit procedures 
  • Decontamination supervision 

The result:
Definite findings concerning the liability and amount of decontamination prior to offering / revitalisation / decontamination as decision-making support und basis of a sound budget and investment plan.