Waste removal 

The disposal / reutilisation of incurring cuttings is a cost risk or can become a building logistic problem if the disposal routes have not been determined in time or there is no concept of reassembly.
The reutilisation / disposal is subject to federal regulations.

Our goal-oriented service:

  • during the construction planning phase:
    • Orienting examination
    • Detailed examination
    • Cost estimate
    • Consulting concerning waste – official permit procedures
    • Concepts of reassembly regarding environmental and geotechnical requirements
    • Determination of disposal routes
    • Mass flow and disposal management
    • Preparation of tender documents and contracting
  • during the realisation of the project
    • Self and external monitoring
    • Supervision of works
    • Verification / documentation

The result:
The preparatory examinations lead to cost safety.
Concepts of reassembly avoid expensive costs of disposal.
If the cuttings have to be disposed nevertheless, we ensure the law-conform and most economical alternative of disposal by supervision during construction.